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How to submit your picture?

1.fork this repo.

2.Add your picture to your repo. The specific folder format is as follows:

        |"Aircraft ID"
            |"Livery ID.jpg"

Please check aircrafts.csv for specific aircraft id and livery id.

3.Create a new pull request in your repo, and the base repository need to be Map-Flight/Aircraft-Pictures. You cannot delete or move any existing files in the repo, otherwise your pr will not be passed!

4.Waiting for our reviewers to approve your picture.

5.When the reviewer passes your review, your picture will be automatically updated on the Map-Flight website and apps.

The picture requirements

  1. Picture size cannot be too small
  2. The picture cannot be too blurry
  3. The image aspect ratio cannot be too small or too large
  4. Picture size cannot exceed 0.8MB We recommend that you use to compress your images
  5. The picture cannot contain any watermark
  6. IMPORTANT!!! The picture name must be changed to “livery ID.jpg” format. And it must be placed under the corresponding aircraft ID folder (If you cannot find specific aircraft id folder, it may not have been created yet, you can create it)

When you submit your pictures to this repo, you have automatically granted Map Flight the right to use your pictures in website and apps.

Except Map Flight, anyone else is prohibited from using any resources in this repo!